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 Change Admin and Moderator Color in View Online Page 
Description: Learn how to Change Admin and Moderator Color in View Online Page
Author: Zoltrix
Date: Wed Jan 29, 2003 8:04 pm
Type: HowTo
Keywords: Change, Moderator, Admin, Color, Colour, Colors, colours, View online
Category: Styles
You want to change the Admin and Moderator link colors in the Whos Online page (example: Well, there is two ways of going about this. I will address both of them.

Change Template Colors...

You can edit the admin color by using phpbbs template system, log into your admin control panel, and go Styles Admin ---> Management ---> Edit your current template ---> Scroll down to Font Colour 2: and Font Colour 3:

Change the hex code of this to reflect your desired colors
Font Colour 2: == Moderator
Font Colour 3: == Admin

When you do this, you have just changed all fonts that use the font colour 2 and 3. It probably wont look attractive, nor will it be exactly what you want.

The best way.
Edit View Online file
What needs to happen is we need to change the admin colors by hand, Its pretty simple. Just fallow these steps.

Download viewonline.php from your phpBB2 folder on your website. Save another copy (just incase).

Open it in your favorite text editor (WordPad.. notepad.... ect.)

For the Admin...

##Find## Line 113

$style_color = '';
         if ( $row['user_level'] == ADMIN )
            $username = '<b style="color:#' . $theme['fontcolor3'] . '">' . $username . '</b>';

Notice "theme['fontcolor3']" This tells phpbb to use fontcolor3 from the template. We dont want it, we want it to use our own color. We are going to need to replace that with a nice new hex code (you may use whatever you want, Im going to use black and white for this demo)

I want my Admin color links to be black, So Im going to replace "theme['fontcolor3']" with the hex code #000000.

You should now have some code that looks like the fallowing,


##Replace## Line 113

$style_color = '';
         if ( $row['user_level'] == ADMIN )
            $username = '<b style="color:#000000">' . $username . '</b>';

Note: Remove the single quotes

Ok, Now you need to do the exact same with the Mod colors. Look about 4 lines down and follow the above steps.

And your done!

Great!, I got the view online page changed, but what about on my forum index? The Admin and MOD colors never changed at all.
You only changed the colors in the View Online page, to change the index,

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