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 Installing Rank Images 
Description: Installing Rank Images and Making Sure They Work
Author: fumbalah
Date: Thu May 27, 2004 8:01 pm
Type: FAQ
Keywords: Images, Ranks
Category: Styles
To Install Rank Images, You need to do a couple of things

1First, you must get the rank images, either from here, phpBB Hacks or Forum Images

2Then, Using an Ftp Program Such as Smart FTP, login to your server

3go to the directory that you have phpBB installed in, and go into the images/ directory

4. inside that directory, create a directory called ranks

5.then, using the rank images you downloaded from one of the sites listed above, drag them into the ranks directory that you just created

6.login to your phpBB Board, and go to the admin panel

7. go to user admin, Ranks

8.Fill in the appropriate information

9.and for the image path put images/ranks/thenameoftherank.gif(or .jpg, or .png)

with no slash at the beginning of the image path

if they still do not work, make sure you have the permissions on the images/ranks directory set right, either to 666, or 777

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